Students' works

1- Interviews of professionals from green businesses

These interviews enable students to find out about the studies, the careers, the practices, objectives and motivations of the people who decided to work in the field of sustainable development.

The first video here on the right is suggested by the Lithuanian students from Sviesioji Gymnasium in Kedainiai and deals with the jobs of natural soap maker                  (at Muilazolé) and marketing and communication manager at the organic tomato sauce maker Daumantu.

This video was presented by the Lithuanian students during the learning mobility to the Spanish partner school, Pedro Cerrada in Utebo, on Friday March 24th 2017.

These interwiews have been suggested by the German students during the learning mobility to the English partner school, Shotton Hall Academy, in early May 2017. The first one on the right introduces Birgit Wullenweber who runs the shop Sine where she makes pencilcases, bags, wallets, purses, furniture and all sorts of products with old bicycles tubes, barrels, wornout jeans or old tarpaulins. She's a very inspiring seamstress and greenbusinesswoman. Check it out!

This second interview made by the German students deals with the company Loud +Proud which produces clothes made with organic fabric only.


These students also paid a visit to a sustainable designer Claudia Lanius that created her famous eponymous eco-fashion brand which mainly sells clothes made of hemp. As you will find out in their video underneath, hemp does not need any pesticides or fungicides to grow.

The following interview was made by the Spanish students from Instituto Pedro Cerrada in Utebo and presented during the learning mobility to England in early May 2017. It deals with the CEO Angel Belio who sells electrical bikes to encourage people to use cars less in the cities and reduce pollution. Interesting, isn't it?